Be yourself (in a way that makes sense)

- written by Zeeslag

As kids, we would often be told to be ourselves. Don't act like someone else, just be yourself. This however, might be a bit too simplistic. It's not always easy to be yourself. I think it does not apply to everything. Maybe you shouldn't even act like yourself.

Acting yourself is a really good bad example. What if your true self is annoying? This question pops in my mind from time to time. It is best to imagine someone else that is just horrible to be around. Nobody will laugh at your jokes. Or imagine that your business meeting would be better if you didn't do something quirky or distractive. Nobody will act just as themselves in different situations.

Dressing up how you like would be something I can agree with. Though this can be very bad thing too. Imagine that you have to introduce your friend who is wearing tires as pants because he thinks that is true self is an automobile. My examples might not be the best. but I hope you get the point.

I think that your own looks (including makeup or plastic surgery) is an interesting aspect of the "be yourself" concept. But I wont get into that here.

The "Be YoUrSeLf" is a movement made by so called self-help "experts" to fill some pages in a book to make money. They leech on the depressed and they eventually will fall back in the pit of depression after they find out being themselves does not work. Wouldn't you agree?

And if you really want to be yourself, you can always put it on the internet and I am sure that someone will tolerate you.

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